Channel BEX Asia 2023 Episode 4: Digital Construction Solutions

Gear up for an insightful Episode 4 of Channel BEX Asia’s dynamic livestream series! In this episode, we’re diving into the world of Digital Construction Solutions, featuring cutting-edge innovations from top companies shaping the future of Asia’s built environment industry.
Join us as we delve into the realm of digital transformation with Graphisoft, creators of Archicad – the industry’s leading Building Information Modeling software for architecture and design. We’re also unveiling strides made by DataMesh, pioneers in Enterprise Metaverse and Digital Twin technology. Through their platform FactVerse, DataMesh revolutionizes spatial data processing and real-time 3D collaboration, boosting productivity across sectors. Plus, don’t miss insights from Plan Radar, showcasing their defect management and construction software transforming quality control and project management. Explore Synergix’s tailored ERP system for Singapore’s construction sector, managing processes from project tendering to claims with seamless precision. Novade’s all-in-one construction management software enhances quality, safety, and progress tracking, while Cupix’s AI-powered 3D digital twin platform, CupixWorks, unlocks spatial decision-making with converted 360-capture videos for efficient progress tracking.
It’s a can’t-miss episode that promises to reshape your perspective on the future of the industry – tune in to gain exclusive access to these game-changing solutions and engage with the visionaries driving innovation forward.
0:00 Intro
2:12 Graphisoft
6:30 Cupix
12:40 Novade
20:00 Plan Radar
26:60 Datamesh
29:10 Synergix