Turn your trade show demos
into winning videos
and promote to prospects globally

Revolutionize your trade show product demos by transforming them into captivating digital videos that open the door to limitless possibilities!

Engage with customers who can’t make it to in-person events by leveraging them for online sales, showcasing them on your company website, or promoting them on social media platforms.

In a post-COVID world, trade show videos have become an essential tool for reaching out to customers in a safe and effective manner.

Advantages of Exhibition Video

Your exhibit at trade shows, even online!

Attending exhibitions can be a real challenge, as people need to be in the right place at the right time to see your products. But what if you could showcase your exhibit and product explanation beyond the time and place of the event?

With our video production services, we can create a captivating and informative video of your exhibit and product explanation. You can simply explain your products just as you would to your customers, without needing to prepare a script.

Our team of exhibition video professionals will then edit the video to make it engaging and easy to understand, summarizing it in less than 3 minutes. And the best part? We can edit and deliver the video on the same day, allowing you to start using it in the afternoon after shooting in the morning.

Yes, it is. It is a powerful lure to bring prospective customers to your venue.

 As you are aware, your potential customers are located all over the world. Trade shows offer an excellent opportunity. Let us help you make a lasting impression with high-quality, affordable videos that showcase your products and brand at any time and place.

Available for online exhibitions

Exhibition videos are ideal for online exhibitions because they convey the atmosphere of the exhibition as it is. Viewers can watch the video as if they were at the exhibition. Unlike product introduction videos, these videos convey a sense of humanity.

Using Video in Email Marketing

Expand your reach beyond the exhibition hall by sending an email with a video showcasing your exhibited products to the business cards you’ve collected and potential customers you’ve gathered.

Through this email marketing strategy, you can leverage your server to analyze which customers have viewed the video or visited your website, allowing you to efficiently identify potential demand by reaching out to those customers with follow-up calls or seminar invitations.

Having already seen the video, customers are better equipped to engage in smooth business negotiations, making this method especially valuable for remote sales.

Additionally, using tools like marketing automation can aid in lead scoring and nurturing, making this strategy the optimal choice for maximizing your outreach efforts.

Example of a video email. Video can be a strong eye catcher.

Use videos on your own product pages

Take your product pages to the next level by adding videos, creating an online showroom experience for your customers.

Showcase your products’ benefits and usage just like you would do in a face-to-face meeting, giving your customers a comprehensive understanding of your offerings in just 3 minutes.

With the power of video, customers can quickly learn about your products and decide if it’s the right fit for their needs.

This efficient approach leads to better engagement, more qualified leads, and ultimately more successful conversions.

Upgrade your sales game with the power of video on your product pages.

Video for global use

If your product is excellent, customers from overseas will want to get their hands on it. And with video, you can effectively communicate this information to your international audience through dynamic visuals and subtitles.

Not only are our videos ideal for reaching out to customers overseas, but they can also be used to provide up-to-date product information to branch offices in other countries. Additionally, foreign companies can use our videos to report on exhibitions held at their headquarters, giving them a comprehensive overview of your products and brand.

Don’t let distance be a barrier to expanding your business. Let us help you bridge the gap with our high-quality video production services.

Creating an exhibition video is so easy!

Introduce your product

Please explain the product in the same way you always explain it to your customers.

Edit for clarity

Our professional editors will edit your film so that it is easy to understand and communicate.

Start distributing online

After confirming the edited content, we will promptly distribute it to prospective customers all over the world via the Internet.

Boost your trade show impact with video marketing


Buisiness Plan

Compose the video to reflect your requirements
  • Discuss your requirements in advance
  • Video for one product
  • Video length: 3 minutes or less
  • Video composition: customizable
  • Supported exhibitions: Wide range of exhibitions
  • Review and revise before publishing
  • Supports video email marketing
  • Multilingual subtitles available
  • Youtube link & video data provided

Enterprise / Pavilion Plan

Ask about elaborate compositions, discounts for mass shoots, etc.
  • Ask us about various customizations
  • Production of company introduction videos
  • Filming of seminars at exhibitions
  • Numerous exhibitor videos for country pavilions
  • Unit price discount for multiple productions

Exhibition Video Application

To ensure we can accommodate your filming needs, we encourage you to contact us as soon as possible once you have decided to exhibit at the event. Don't hesitate to reach out to us, we are here to help.
Sales Representative Haseyama