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    Oct 06
    18. Uluslararası Cnr Mobilya Fuarı

    Mobilya sektörünün liderleri, en yeni tasarımlar ve benzersiz konseptlerle 04-08 Kasım…

    Oct 06
    Ghost in the Empathy Machine: Exploring Player-Character Connection in Life is Strange: True Colors

    In this 2022 GDC session, Deck Nine Games’ Zak Garriss and Jon Zimmerman explore…

    Oct 06
    “Rethinking Plastics Packaging” – K-Talk #8

    The negative image of plastics is mainly due to plastic waste, especially packaging…

    Oct 06
    Digital patient model for chronic diseases

    In the MED²ICIN lead project, a digital patient model for chronically ill persons has…

    Oct 06
    Александра Акимова | Блиц-интервью | Бизнес-форум RFRF на выставке СРМ (Сентябрь 2022)

    С 30 августа по 2 сентября в рамках 38-й выставки CPM в Экспоцентре состоялся…

    Oct 06
    Japanese thriller Elpis will be the Asian World Premiere Screening at #MIPCOM 2022

    Kansai Telecasting Corporation’s event series Elpis will debut internationally…

    Oct 06
    Vitafoods Europe 2023 – Get Ready!

    Here’s what you can expect at Vitafoods Europe 2023! Attracting over 25000…

    Oct 06
    Wastewater Surveillance in Illinois-Lessons Learned from COVID-19 and Future Directions

    In collaboration with the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District, the Water…

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