Around the Exhibition: PPG Protective & Marine Coatings

At PPG Protective & Marine Coatings in Booth No. 3832, Kathy Romans, Water/Wastewater Segment Manager, and Kevin Morris, Infrastructure Segment Manager talked about how corrosion is one of the greatest challenges to the wastewater sector. By using coatings, owners and municipalities can rehabilitate assets and extend their useful life greatly. They highlighted both the Raven® 405 and AquataFlex® products to help achieve this. They also discussed an interactive systems guide on their website that enables users to explore a treatment facility and find the appropriate products for protecting individual assets.

PPG provides a comprehensive portfolio of coatings systems for wastewater facilities and for every step of the treatment process. This includes our industry-leading PPG RAVEN® 405 and PPG RAVEN® 505 lining systems which have been protecting concrete and steel assets, especially in aggressive underwater environments, for over 35 years. Our broad offering is backed by a team of wastewater specialists dedicated to each region of North America, and easy-to-use specification tools, including a new online interactive product guide. At PPG, our ultimate goal is to understand our customers’ unique challenges and assist them with asset management and lifecycle improvement.